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    • Product name:3G+GPRS Alarm System SF-G8-3G
    • Product brand:safearmed
    • Product model:SF-G8-3G
    • The category:3G Alarm
    • Browse the number:482 Click
    • The release date:2014-12-26
      • 简介:
      • 简介:
      • 简介:
      • 简介:
      • 简介:

1,4.3”TFT color full touching screen, used the simple style human computer interface Main interface status, State magnetic paste, date and time display, main interface clearly.

2,Built-in powerful CPU master based on 32-bit Cortex-M3 core.

3,Muti-tasking design, great user operation practice.

4,Wifi/GSM/3G/GPRS networking alarm system, support mobile app, SMS, invoice monitoring, alarm center and other multi channel alarm module, make the alarm function stable.

5,Support SMS arm/Disarm and parameters setting, support invoice arm/Disarm.

6,Support main gate, hall, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke.

7,Cooking gas, CO gas, leak water and other zone setting.

8,Support the alarm such as battery problem, low power battery anti-pry alarm etc.

9,Support low power for wireless parts, Tamper alarm function.

10,Door/window not closed notice while armed.

11,Support in/out zone, internal zone, peripheral zone, 24 hours zone, doorbell and other zone setting.

12,Support 5 groups alarm phone number setting, can set the SMS open/close, dialing open/close respectively.

13,External wired alarm connectors: 1 channel external wireless siren, 1 channel alarm linked wireless intelligent socket.

14,APP or host can control several socket, so control the home electrical appliances.

15,Timed arm/disarm function.

16,Support multi record storing/searching for daily operation

17,GSM/WiFi network time correcting automatically, ensure the time and date keep correct, support multi language menu, invoice operation notice and SMS alarm setting.

18,Support 20 seconds message and invoice alarm.

19,Telephone number function. Support 5 groups number redialing.

20,Excellent APP operation feeling and user interface, get the device working status anytime.

21,Arm/disarm, host alarm to mobile app.

22,Support APP arm/disarm remotely, parameter setting, Parts management and intelligent socket control 

23,3G GPRS networking real-time, get the latest working status anytime, alarm automatically while offline.

24,Reserved remote GPRS TCP/UDP protocol channel, it can be compatible with several alarm center networking protocol

25,Center remote control

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